KPM assigns high importance to safety as an essential component in every spare of its construction activities, in order to improve the well-being of employees performance and the growth of the Company.


  • To give highest priority to safety in selection of plants & equipment’s, erection and commissioning activities.
  • To provide safety training to employees and contract workers and to ensure use of proper safety equipments.
  • To inculcate safety culture in the organization where safety is manifested in each employees mind, thought and expression.
  • To strictly adhere to the safety related laws, rules, procedures framed by the Govt. and to take appropriate action in case of violation.
  • To identify and eliminate risk related process by carrying out safety audits.
  • To give priority to occupational health of its employees and labourers.
  • To continuously strive for improvement in safety performances.


  • We dedicate ourselves to the Safety Policy to improve our performance and strive for achieving zero accident, on continuous basis.
  • Labour Compliance.